Long Beach Island Project Status as of May 3, 2016

  • Locations of Beachfill Discharge: Liberty Island - North side of Nelson Ave; Padre Island - 11th St. Dodge Island - 11th St.
  • Crossover Closures:
    • Holgate: Leeward Ave, Merivale, Nelson Ave; Laydown Area Parking Lot; Osborne Ave; Marshall Ave
    • Beach Haven: 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, Taylor Ave
  • Additional Info:
    • The Liberty, Dodge and Padre Island are on site and conducting dredging and beachfill operations. The Liberty Island is scheduled to work in southern Beach Haven (line around Nelson and Holgate) while the Dodge and Padre are working in? north Beach Haven (line around 12th/13th). And then the dredges will meet somewhere in between. Great Lakes expects Beach Haven to be complete by middle/late May timeframe.

Long Beach Island Project Schedule

Schedule Details (updated 2/23/2016 - subject to change based on overall progress, weather impacts, and any mechanical issues with equipment)

  • Area 1 (Northern limits of project - Seaview Drive South in Loveladies to previously construction section at Harvey Cedars)
    • Will be determined after real estate acquisition is finalized.
  • Area 2 (North Beach & Surf City - previously constructed portion at Harvey Cedars to previously constructed portion at Surf City)
    • Will be determined after real estate acquisition is finalized.
  • Area 6 (Beach Haven and south to limits of project at Holgate)
    • Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company estimates work will take place between April and late June.

Additional details

  • Great Lakes anticipates progressing 100-300 feet a day depending on the condition of the beach in the area.
  • Crews will close no more than 1000 feet of beach as work progresses along the island (closed sections are "rolling" and advance as the beachfill progresses along the island).  Residents and visitors should not have to walk more than several blocks to access an open section of beach.
  • The operation is 24/7 because of the cost associated with mobilizing a dredge to the location.




****Information courtesy of the US Army Corps of Engineers***